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Meet Scott Boan

Golf expert

As a golf enthusiast and longtime player, I am always looking at ways to improve all aspects of my game. Since I have struggled with the dreaded “yips”, I especially focus much of my attention on putting.

One night in late December, while working in my home office in the suburbs of Chicago, my wife brought me down a snack on a paper plate and an adult beverage. While enjoying the snack, I decided to roll a few putts onto my putting green. That is when I got the notion to take the empty plate, cut it so that the 4.25” cup would be reduced to 2” slot. By doing this it made me focus more on the center of the cup and my putting stroke, allowing me to work on the dreaded 3 foot putt.

After several months of tweaking and developing a mold/prototype and contacting retailers, instructors and pro shops, The Half-Cup Putting Aid was born.

The Half-Cup Putting Aid is now in full production and being sold in various retail stores, online and in numerous pro shops throughout the Midwest.


Half cup

Half Cup Putting Aid

Scott Boan

The Half-Cup Putting Aid is simple but effective, just like any game improvement system can be.

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