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Meet Rick Miller

Baseball expert

Rick wanted to help his son get better at baseball. After some tinkering, he figured out that the easiest way to give feedback is to tell them..but not with your voice! Rick came up with the idea of an aid that would literally "tell" the hitter if their swing was too long through "Audio Feedback."

How'd you come up with the idea?:

The RBI Pro Swing began as an idea when I determined to help my son with his swing. Over the years and many coaches, they always emphasized to all the youngsters when approaching the plate, "Quick hands, quick hands!" Everyone in baseball can agree on this one idea through all levels. I wanted something that could quickly and easily give feedback to my son about keeping his swing compact.

Tell us something fun about the development process:

Right after we got the patent, Rust Greer of the Texas Rangers discovered our product and endorsed it!

Improves :

Hand Speed when Swinging the Bat

Key Features:

Provides "Audio Feedback" that tells you if your swing is too long

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