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Meet Phillip Jaffe, PGA

Golf expert

Phillip is a 20 year Member of the Professional Golfers Association (North Florida Section - East Central Chapter). He’s an avid golfer and owns and operates his founding golf company, PalmBird Putter Grips.

Phil has been a golf instructor for over 25 years. He's passionate about sharing his love of golf with others, and helping golfers improve their golf game...especially their putting.

Phillip started playing golf in high school and continued playing golf for both Rollins College in Winter Park Florida and the University of Miami. He turned Pro in 1988 during the U.S. Open tryouts in Chicago. He played in several different Mini Tours in Chicago, California and later in Florida, in the Space Coast and Tommy Armour Tours. Phil entered the PGA Apprentice program in 1991 and in 1996 earned his Class “A” PGA certification and has been a proud member of the North Florida Section ever since.

As a PGA Golf Professional, Phillip A. Jaffe knew that putting accuracy and consistency could be improved if the golf putter grip was re-designed in a way that would help golfers with hand placement and alignment.

It was his passion for helping his golf students improve their putting that inspired him to design the PalmBird Putter Grip. He wanted to provide golfers with a putter grip that also performed like a putting aid, one that would help them place their hands in the proper position on the club and provide them with stability and control while putting.

Phil’s inspiration for his design came from his personal experience with the Giant White Bird of Paradise plant in his back yard. While cutting back the stalks one day, he took note of their unusual shape and how the stalks fit so naturally in his palm. Phil then applied the science of Biomimicry (art forms in nature) to help him create his innovative new putter grip and training aid, all-in-one.

One of the key elements of the PalmBird design, is that it eliminates the flat-surface found on the front of most putter grips today and replaced it with a patented teardrop contour that fits naturally into the comfort of your palms. With the grip pressure in your palms and not your fingers and thumbs, the PalmBird allows you to more effectively initiate the putting stroke from the shoulder, giving you the feel that the club is an extension of your arm. This allows for a fluid backstroke and an effortless, relaxed follow-through due to decreased finger, hand, wrist and arm tension. The result is an improved putting stroke, with greater putting accuracy and consistency.

The simplicity of the PalmBird’s functional design and unembellished style is a refreshing change. Don’t be fooled by it’s “look”, or lack of flair, because you’ll be blown away by it’s “feel” and effectiveness, when you PLANT ONE IN YOUR HANDS! The PalmBird is a putter grip designed for golfers of all levels ; from scramble-only golfers, to week-end warriors, seasoned players, and elite professionals. The PalmBird’s features help all golfers.

Phillip’s goal as a PGA Professional is to help grow the game of golf and to share his passion for the game....the PalmBird Putter Grip is one of his contributions to the game and the profession he loves.

Join the ranks of the thousands of amateur recreational golfers as well as elite PGA professionals that use the PalmBird Putter Grip as their secret weapon on the greens!



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Phillip Jaffe, PGA

The PalmBird golf putter grip creates a stable putting motion.

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