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Meet Joe Nolan & Keith Robinson

Multi-sport expert

Motus is the world-leader in advanced biomechanics analysis delivering solutions to athletes.

Motus was co-founded in 2010 by Joe Nolan and Keith Robinson, along with Physical Therapist Jason LaMendola, Motus grew out of the partners' backgrounds in motion capture for video games, feature films and broadcast television as well as their respective involvement in school sports. (Nolan played competitive ice hockey at both the junior and collegiate levels, LaMendola played college basketball, and both Robinson and CTO Ben Hansen were on their college baseball teams.)


The vision for Motus was to apply motion analysis to identify anomalies in athletes' technique that could be used to optimize their performance on the field, detect injury risk factors, and create quantifiable assessments for return to play after rehabilitation.  The work began with the development of the Motus 3D physics engine, then proceeded with testing of individual athletes in the company's biomechanics lab on the campus of Florida's IMG Academy.


Today, that facility is among the most respected labs of its kind in the sports world. Motus' methodology has led to strong partnerships with key organizations like the American Sports Medicine Institute and New York's Hospital for Special Surgery, and clients range from Olympic track and field contenders to MLB, NFL, NBA and European soccer league players sent by their coaches and teams.




Joe Nolan & Keith Robinson

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Joe Nolan & Keith Robinson

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