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Meet Jeff Kraus

Football expert

Krausko is a company dedicated to developing innovative football equipment, with a focus on offensive linemen. Their goals include improving player safety without sacrificing practice quality. Started by Jeff Kraus, Krausko's main products are the Muzzle and the Colt Pro.

Why did you start your company / invent your product?

We recognized a demand for better football equipment. We also saw inadequeacies in the old means of practicing game-like situations. Basically, practice techniques for a long time haven't really mirrored actual game situations as well as the should.

Specific to The Colt and Muzzle, as long time coaches we knew that football games are won on the lines. Bad leverage and poor technique make it impossible to win.

Plus, football's a violent sport, so we wanted to come up with equipment that could limit the risk of injury without sacrificing on the quality of the training.

Who do your company and products help?

Offensive linemen, recievers in particular, but there are uses for our products for any position on the football field.

How did the idea come to you? For instance, was it a "Eureka" moment? Or was it more on a step by step development process?

Definitely more step by step. We really started by seeing and hearing the need for more innovation in football training equipment, and felt we could provide it. We listened to a lot of people. Maybe sort of a collection of little "eureka!" moments led to Krausko and our products being as good as they are.




Colt & Colt Pro

Jeff Kraus

The Colt is a well-crafted blocking pads with arms to simulate real, game like scenarios.

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The Muzzle

Jeff Kraus

The Muzzle will give your offensive line a competitive edge as well as minimize penalties.

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