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Meet Ben Maloompour

Soccer expert

When Ben hurt his back, he thought he wouldn't be able to help his son improve at soccer. He was wrong. Ben found a better way for players to practice alone. The SoccerWave has now helped thousands of players of all skill levels improve their soccer skills.

I played soccer my whole life, until I injured my back. As tough as it was not playing for myself, it was even worse that I could no longer help my son practice. Even though players can work on many soccer techniques by themselves, sometimes you need someone else to kick with. I knew I had to do something when the issue finally hit my wallet. My son broke a front window on the house while kick against the wall!

I started looking on my own for a solution. First I tried to find products or training aids that he could use on his own. I had no luck. So I decided to design something myself. I gave the design to my father-in-law, who built the first version out of wood. It worked great, but it was too heavy to move around easily. I had a local company create a plastic version, but it still weighed a ton.

I took this plastic version to my son's soccer team and let them play around with it. I wanted to know if I was on to something. The feedback they gave helped me decided to take the design to a manufacture and give this thing a real shot. The final product turned out the way I wanted, and I couldn't wait to introduce the SoccerWave® to the market. I'm very proud of every SoccerWave® product, and stand behind each one.


Soccer Wave Jr

SoccerWave Jr.

Ben Maloompour

The SoccerWave Jr. allows players of all skill levels to practice many soccer skills.

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