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Meet Chas Pippitt

Baseball expert

Baseball Rebellion is dramatically changing the methodology of hitting and pitching instruction throughout America. Utilizing slow motion video analysis, physics, and exercise and sports science, Baseball Rebellion offers the most advanced research and training programs for Baseball and Softball

Chas Pippitt is the founder of Baseball Rebellion and creator of the Baseball Rebellion / I.T.S. Baseball Hitting System. Chas has invented four hitting products, the Launch Angle Tee, the Drive Developer, the Rebel’s Rack, and the Bat Drag Buster, currently used in all 50 states and internationally in over 12 countries. When not working on articles or doing online lessons for Baseball Rebellion, Chas Pippitt is the owner/head hitting instructor at I.T.S. Baseball, a baseball training facility in North Carolina which offers in-person lessons and acts as the research facility for Baseball Rebellion. Chas has done over 16,000 lessons, giving him the unique ability to develop powerful and adjustable hitters, using his proprietary drills and special ability to explain and improve hitting techniques to hitters of all ages through video.




Bat Drag Buster

Chas Pippitt
Muscle memory

The Bat Drag Buster will help eliminate Bat drag, teach any batter to turn the barrel into the plane...

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Launch Angle Tee

Chas Pippitt

We’ve never thought of ourselves as product designers. Much like most of you, we are baseball and...

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Launch Angle Tee-Tee Top ...

Chas Pippitt

The Launch Angle Tee helps to train an upward swing path which facilitates raising the angle at whic...

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Rebel's Rack

Chas Pippitt

The Rebel’s Rack is a self-teaching rotational hitting aid that promotes the proper swing path and...

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