Improve the Path of your Golf Swing with this Simple Training Aid - The Sports Mechanic
19 Oct

Improve the Path of your Golf Swing with this Simple Training Aid

Garry Rippy 12 Comments

Sometimes the most simple training aids are the best!  In this article I am going to demonstrate how a tennis ball can help you improve the path of your golf swing. The first item on the agenda is to cut a tennis ball in half.  Be very careful and use a sharp knife.  I find […]

17 Oct

The Reality of Swing Thoughts

Noel Rousseau 0 Comments

You would think that an 8 year study on the benefits of relinquishing swing thoughts would lead me to become a sports psychologist, complete hippy or otherwise esoteric character. To give you a clue as to the personal impact of the study, I am a technical coach that utilizes 3D motion analysis technology. I value […]

Caddy Tips from the European Tour - The Sports Mechanic
14 Oct

Caddy Tips from the European Tour

Matt Holman 12 Comments

Martin Rowley caddied on the European Tour for over twenty years and in that period caddied for Ian Woosnam, Darren Clarke and Miguel Angel Jiminez. He also became head of the European Tour Caddies Association and acted as secretary for a period too. In 2010 I felt that I was making a lot of course management errors […]

Why You Need A Coach - The Sports Mechanic
13 Oct

Why You Need A Coach

Mike Paukovits 0 Comments

Coaches Do Much More Than Provide Lessons, They Facilitate Learning and Long-Lasting Improvement By Rick Jensen, Ph.D. The most common complaint I hear from recreational golfers is that their game simply doesn’t transfer from the lesson tee or the practice range to the golf course. They might experience some success in a lesson environment, hit […]

Top 45 Reasons Why I love Coaching Golf - The Sports Mechanic
04 Oct

Top 45 Reasons Why I love Coaching Golf

Jason Helman 13 Comments

There are so many aspects to why coaching is fulfilling.  I had always wanted to be a teacher and was accepted at several universities to pursue a teaching career and potentially a football career but eventually realized that my passion was golf. I opted to turn those programs down and pursue the golf industry focusing […]

Man playing golf 3
27 Sep

Crazy Obsession

Howard Bonaccorsi 11 Comments

My advice to those of you who don’t play golf for a living is simple: stop pursuing distance. “Any given person can basically only hit the ball so far,” The scorecard doesn’t have a box for how far you hit your tee shot.   To improve faster you need to perfect your fundamentals and work […]

You'll Get as Far as Your Chosen Surroundings - The Sports Mechanic
16 Sep

You’ll Get as Far as Your Chosen Surroundings

Johnny Foster 13 Comments

The title sounds like a description that could apply to any walk of life, from a cricket team to a successful business. The last few years of coaching and learning has been a subtle revelation for me as a High Performance coach. At first hand I’ve witnessed the power and influence an athlete’s surroundings play […]

Man playing golf
14 Sep

Swing Changes

Jim Zwolak 12 Comments

This time of year in North America is our off-season for golf. It is a great time for golfers to build their skills and make “technical” changes to their motor patterns…more commonly called “swing changes”. Here’s an analogy that may help you make your own “swing changes” with a little more productivity: Pretend I invited […]

What did I do RIGHT? - The Sports Mechanic
14 Sep

What did I do Right?

Chris Keough 12 Comments

When taking a lesson, I have NEVER had a student ask me, “what did I do right?” when they play a good shot. Most people are very quick to ask, “what did I do wrong on that one?” When you go to the grocery store, do you write down a list of all of the […]

Why do you play golf? You might be surprised - The Sports Mechanic
14 Sep

Why do you play golf? You might be surprised

Tim OConnor 12 Comments

As the golf season gets underway and you re-engage in your precarious affair with the game, I’m going to challenge you to do something you may have never done. But first… if someone—usually a non-golfer—asks what you like about golf, you might talk about getting exercise, being outside in a beautiful place, and spending time […]