MOBILITY OR INJURY? - The Sports Mechanic
25 Oct


Sara Carter 0 Comments

MINDFUL STRETCHING with MALLISA MOTT!  Mallisa will be leading a session on Sunday, October 30th at 4pm!  You do not want to miss out…time to work on mobility and keeping your muscles and body safe and injury free! There is more to fitness and being in shape then “Pure Strength”.   So often we come to […]

The Secret Why CrossFit Moms Have Great Abs - The Sports Mechanic
18 Oct

The Secret Why CrossFit Moms Have Great Abs

Pete Mongeau 12 Comments

You’ve been doing sit ups since middle school gym class; so why don’t you have six-pack abs?  Well, the answer is simple:  you haven’t been training your core.  Imagine your trunk area as the core of an apple.  This area goes far beyond the abdominal muscles.  It includes the obliques and all the back muscles […]

The Lost Art of Running - The Sports Mechanic
18 Oct

The Lost Art of Running

Scott Harris 0 Comments

I run frequently, however I don’t fit into the typical mold, body type, etc. of a runner in the way runners have been historically categorized. That’s because there is no “typical” categorization for a runner. You do not have to be a specific body mass index or look to be a runner. You also do […]

Stop Half Ass-ing Your Daily WOD's - The Sports Mechanic
18 Oct

Stop Half Ass-ing Your Daily WOD’s

Paul McBride 0 Comments

As the open comes to a finish I would like to touch on why it is so important to complete a full rep (RX’d). Not only does it effect your score but your overall strength results. You have probably heard the phrase quality over quantity. As a coach I would rather see 5 RX’d squats […]

Pull-Ups: Scaling The Strict - The Sports Mechanic
17 Oct

Pull-Ups: Scaling The Strict

Kati Breazeal 0 Comments

In her next gymnastics series, coach Jessica Estrada will focus on the pull-up: strict, kipping, and butterfly. In this first installment, coach Jessica breaks down four progressions for the strict pull-up. These vertical progressions most closely mimic the pull-up, and will get you moving in the right direction to build the necessary strength and consistency […]

Is Your Pride Preventing Your Progress? - The Sports Mechanic
12 Oct

Is Your Pride Preventing Your Progress?

Matty Clarke 0 Comments

Like a lot of athletes, I came to CrossFit on the back of a lot of competitive sport, for me, it was the previous decade of multi-sport racing that helped me develop a capacity of fitness that enabled me able to complete a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42.2km run in a […]

Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8 – By Kerryn Sandford - The Sports Mechanic
12 Oct

Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8

Mac Rundle 13 Comments

Injuries suck They restrict you, hurt you, confine you and limit you. They get in the way of you doing the things that you enjoy and they make it that bit harder to get out of bed each morning and drag yourself through life. Well, at least that’s the glass half empty view. If you’re […]

Pull Up Skill Progression - The Sports Mechanic
11 Oct

Pull Up Skill Progression

Leah Hosburgh 0 Comments

Pull ups. We love them. There is something powerful about getting your own bodyweight over something. Yes, we love the kipping pull up, too. There’s something powerful about increasing work capacity in this movement. Efficient, quality movement leads to more fitness. Period.  There are some kinks in this story for some. Some come to us […]

Equipment for CrossFit - The Sports Mechanic
11 Oct

Equipment for CrossFit

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I get asked a lot about what equipment one should purchase in order to do CrossFit.  The easy answer is nothing….you don’t need any equipment to do CrossFit.  As long as you have workout clothes and a pair of sneakers, you are all set to jump right into classes.  My opinion, is that you should […]

Weight Loss Adelaide: Joe’s Story 17kg Down - The Sports Mechanic
10 Oct

Weight Loss Adelaide: Joe’s Story 17kg Down

Kayla Banfield 0 Comments

This is Joe from the CrossFit Mode Family. Joe weighed in at 133kg and lost 17kg in 5 weeks. This is due to Joe’s decision and commitment to train consistently and eat well – by eating well he gave his body high quality nutrient dense foods which it requires to LIVE WHOLE. That is, he cut […]