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24 Oct


Michele Mootz 0 Comments

What to Look for in a Good Coach Many of us have had the good fortune to be coached by someone who has had a huge impact on our lives.  Whether that coach was teaching a sport or a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) program such as CrossFit, there are qualities that good coaches share. The […]

14 Oct


Michael Verdi 0 Comments

THIS ARTICLE IS THE FOURTH INSTALLMENT IN OUR NUTRITION SERIES. In part one we talked about the basics of nutrition including what exactly micro and macro nutrients are and what role they serve in the body. In part two we covered how the body turns food into cellular fuel. In part three we discuss how […]

Keeping it classic - The Sports Mechanic
28 Sep

Keeping it Classic

Everett Sloan 12 Comments

Time for another of my great analogies. You are driving your car down the road, it’s a car that you have had for many years. It’s an older model, doesn’t have all the fancy new technology, not even power locks. It has a lot of old simple technology and some well worn parts. But, it […]

Man biking
27 Sep

Starting a Fitness Routine

Lauren Brooks 12 Comments

  BEGINNING IS THE HARDEST PART Beginning is often the hardest part of doing anything.  Taking the first step toward a new fitness program or a new health regime has its challenges, but being able to live a more healthy life within a community of people doing the same, creates accountability and encouragement that you […]

7 Habits for Highly Effective Fat Loss - The Sports Mechanic
20 Sep

7 Habits for Highly Effective Fat Loss

Clare Rooney 11 Comments

We are bombarded daily in this information age with new diets, new exercise routines and new ways to tackle excess body fat. But as the saying goes: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 What creates the biggest bang […]

20 Sep

Myths, Lies, and Cholesterol

Chris Kidawski 12 Comments

Disclaimer: If you’re under the age of 10 and are reading this for some reason, I suggest you either stop now or skip the introductory paragraph. For all others, you should continue reading. While studying to become a metabolic typing advisor, I was speaking with one of the instructors and the topic of cholesterol arose. […]

Things I Believe - The Sports Mechanic
16 Sep

Things I Believe

Bob Walsh 0 Comments

The mental side of the game is overlooked and under-coached. What is going on in their heads is important. You should have some players on your team who aren’t good enough. You don’t have to coach good shot/bad shot. The best teams figure it out for themselves. Defense and toughness travel. Defining roles is restricting. […]

The Mental Side of Training - The Sports Mechanic
14 Sep

Mental Training – Coach Amanda Hill

Amanda Hill 0 Comments

So your diet’s on track. Your training is on point. You’re steadily making gains. Everything is rolling along nice and smooth. But for some reason you get to a certain point and things keep falling apart. Whether it be during competition or just every now and then during training it all becomes a mess. You […]

Playing soccer
14 Sep

Successfully Coaching Today’s Player

Gary Curneen 12 Comments

Ask any coach today what their toughest coaching challenge is and they will most likely not respond with questions about false nines or gegenpressing. Instead they will probably tell you that working with, engaging, and attempting to get the best out of today’s generation is the biggest challenge in the coaching game. Armed with more […]

13 Sep

Take Breaks, Take Chances

Jay Rhodes 13 Comments

At Outlaw North what we do isn’t a quick fix.  Make no mistake, as a beginner you will get results quickly.  You’ll lose weight, you’ll gain strength, you’ll even start to notice your clothes fitting better within a couple months.  But we’re still looking for more than that. We’re looking for long term change.  A […]