My Pitching Absolutes – The Sports Mechanic
21 Oct

My Pitching Absolutes

Wayne Mazzoni 0 Comments

A good head coaching friend of mine recently called me to see if I could mentor his new, young pitching coach. So while I invited him to have lunch and watch a practice, I also put together this document. COACH MAZZ’S NOTE: THERE ARE ABOUT 4 OR SO CURSES IN THIS DOCUMENT. My Pitching Absolutes […]

An Assistant Coach's Perspective - Sports Mechanic
13 Sep

An Assistant Coach’s Perspective

Jerry Kreber 12 Comments

Look at almost any successful baseball program and you will see a good head coach. Look behind those good head coaches and you will usually see a stable of assistants who work tirelessly to make the program the best it can be. At the same time, though, these assistant coaches are also trying to learn […]

How the 3S Increases Bat Speed - Sports Mechanic - Baseball Coaching Tips
30 Aug

How the 3S Increases Bat Speed

Jeff Dailey 12 Comments

We all know that increasing your bat speed is the “holy grail” of hitting. How to do so? That’s the tricky part.  The 3S Hitting System takes a big picture approach. Instead of focusing exculsively on getting faster, it works on helping you become more efficient. That means moving beyond just building “fast twitch muscles,” […]

Want to hit better? Focus on your hips - Sports Mechanic - Baseball Coaching Tips
30 Aug

Want to hit better? Focus on your hips

Jeff Dailey 13 Comments

I’m going to start this post with a seemingly obvious statement. But trust me, it’s an important one:   Hips are joints. Hopefully I didn’t loose too many of you right there, but here’s the point: whenever you hear a hitting coach talking about how important hips are in a baseball swing, it’s important to remember […]

Want to Hit for Power? Train with the 3S Hitting System - Sports Mechanic - Baseball Tips
30 Aug

Want to Hit for Power? Train with the 3S Hitting System

Jeff Dailey 14 Comments

Your bat makes contact with a pitch. Before it’s even left the infield, you know it’s a home run. You hustle around the bases, but it doesn’t matter. That ball isn’t coming down in play. To a hitter, there is no better feeling. But maybe a close second is being confident that you can do it over and […]

Relax! They're only 7 - Sports Mechanic - Baseball
30 Aug

Relax! They’re only 7

Jeff Dailey 0 Comments

This week I want to focus on an issue that I see all too often: kids starting private instruction way too early! I’m a professional hitting instructor. My job is to teach ball players of all ages how to hit a baseball. And I get a ton of parents bringing their kids to me asking […]

30 Aug

Training the Proper Swing Path is Key

Jeff Dailey 13 Comments

Has your coach been harping you about the need to improve your “swing path.” Maybe he calls it “form,” or refers to “the slot?” He’s definitely told you to “shorten it up,” or “make it more compact.” He’s on to something, and you trust him. Problem is, while you understand what he’s saying, you’re not quite sure […]

Working on your technique - Sports Mechanic - Baseball
30 Aug

Working on your technique

Jeff Dailey 12 Comments

For this post I’m going to focus on 4 drills that I use with my hitting students. They can be done using a batting tee or in front toss drills. After I’ve described these 4 drills, I’m going to run through the 6 drills that I designed for the 3S Hitting System, and how they […]