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What to Look for in a Good Coach

Many of us have had the good fortune to be coached by someone who has had a huge impact on our lives.  Whether that coach was teaching a sport or a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) program such as CrossFit, there are qualities that good coaches share.

The Ability to Teach:

Look for a coach that is able to break things down effectively.  The more complex the movement or idea the more important this becomes.  If your coach does not understand the movements or concepts they are teaching, they will not be able to explain it in simple terms.  You should never be confused as to what is going on (unless of course YOU are the one not paying attention☺).

The Ability to See Good Movement -vs- Bad Movement

Look for a coach that has a very clear idea what the movement should look like, and can take into account different body types and modifications. Seeing movement positions both good and bad is a huge part of coaching.  A good coach should be able to praise good mechanics and immediately see movement faults.

The Ability to Correct Faults

This is tied directly to a coaches ability to see movement well.  If they don’t see faults they will not be able to fix faults.

Look for a coach that has multiple styles of fixing a fault.  If they repeat the same fix over and over it may mean that they are limited in understanding what is causing the fault to occur.  An effective coach with try as many methods and explanations as are necessary to fix what is going on.

The Ability to Manage a Group

There should be no question who is in charge.  This can be difficult in big classes, however, an effective coach will have the ability to keep the class focused and working.

Presence and Attitude

Most people are attracted to classes that are FUN!  Look for a coach that incorporates learning AND fun into a class.  Your coach should be passionate about what they do and that should shine through.

The Ability to Demonstrate

A good coach should be able to show or teach anything they are asking you to perform…and show it WELL!  They should also, however, demonstrate the lifestyle and qualities they are teaching.  These include nutrition, working on improving weaknesses, accountability in keeping accurate data on your workouts (accurate times and reps).  WALK THE WALK!!

Content originally posted by Michele Mootz in

About the Author: Michele started training at the original CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz, CA in 2004 and quickly became inspired by the challenge and culture that defined the CrossFit program.




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