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As the open comes to a finish I would like to touch on why it is so important to complete a full rep (RX’d). Not only does it effect your score but your overall strength results.

You have probably heard the phrase quality over quantity. As a coach I would rather see 5 RX’d squats (where the hips are equal to the knee) then 10 partial squats.

Be disciplined in your daily WOD’s.

If you are doing 100 wall balls for time but can only complete 3 RX’d reps at a time that is OKAY. If you are cheating (not doing full reps) in your daily WOD’s it will show in your overall strength, mobility and next year’s open results as well.  As coaches it is our job to instruct you through proper form and technique.  If you are instructed to get your butt low or lock out the arms, then DO IT.

ONLY your qualified coaches should be instructing you on your form. I find it DISRESPECTFUL when people who are NOT qualified try to coach. Members/Athletes are here for encouragement and support not correcting your technique. Let the coaches coach and let the CrossFitters CrossFit.

Full reps are more difficult, take more time, and are more fatiguing. And your coaches know this information and they RESPECT your effort!  If you choose to do movements as RX’d (full push-ups instead of knee push ups) but finish 4 minutes slower THAT is OKAY. Your slower time is applauded more than the cheater who was “faster” than you.

By next year’s open it will be obvious who decides to push themselves to do the movements as RX’d.  Just don’t be the one who doesn’t improve from year to year.

Content originally posted by Paul McBride in

About the Author: Paul McBride has been in the fitness industry since 2010 starting as a CPT and TRX trainer in Fishers, IN and transitioned to a CrossFit coach in 2012.


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