In her next gymnastics series, coach Jessica Estrada will focus on the pull-up: strict, kipping, and butterfly.

In this first installment, coach Jessica breaks down four progressions for the strict pull-up. These vertical progressions most closely mimic the pull-up, and will get you moving in the right direction to build the necessary strength and consistency needed for the movement.

Pull-Ups: Scaling The Strict

PVC + Bands

Loop two bands around your pull-up bar, and slide the PVC pipe through. This will act as your progressive-pull-up-bar.

Begin in your pull-up grip, with your hands right outside your shoulders.

During the movement, make sure to maintain your hollow body position.

Tuck your tailbone under, engage the lats, and pull down on the PVC pipe until it comes below your chin, then release back to the top, with control.

Elbows should be pulled inside, toward your body.

Pull-Ups: Scaling The Strict

Squat Rack + Bent Knees

Set up a squat rack with a barbell. When performing this progression, make sure to pull the bar against the rack, to prevent the bar from being pulled off the rack during the movement.

Find your pull-up grip, with your hands right outside the shoulders.

Hips are in line with the rack, and knees are bent.

Perform the pull-up. Bending your knees will allow you to use as much assistance as needed from the legs.

Elbows track inside the body. Core is tight and engaged.

Pull-Ups: Scaling The Strict

Squat Rack + Straight Legs

Use the same set up as the last progressions, but keep your legs straight.

As you perform the pull-up, your feet will slide towards the rack, allowing for less of a spot compared to the last progression.

Pull-Ups: Scaling The Strict

The L-Sit

Use the same set up as the last progression.

As you perform the pull-up, you will be lifting your legs and feet off the ground, maintaining the ‘L’ position through the entire movement.

This progression will require you to engage your core to a higher degree, compared to the previous progressions.

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