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I get asked a lot about what equipment one should purchase in order to do CrossFit.  The easy answer is nothing….you don’t need any equipment to do CrossFit.  As long as you have workout clothes and a pair of sneakers, you are all set to jump right into classes.  My opinion, is that you should avoid wearing any equipment at all if you are just a recreational, want to be fit for life, CrossFitter.  Why?

1) It will save you money.

2) You will be stronger in the long run

Let’s talk about #1.

The reason people claim CrossFit is so expensive is because people make it expensive.  Wrist wraps, weightlifting shoes, weight belts, knee sleeves, pre/post workout drinks…..all that stuff is not necessary.  Does it help, yes… you need it……NO!  In fact if you need to rely on that stuff to work out you might be trying to lift too much.  Do not use that stuff to band aid and mask an injury…..because it will not help cure and injury….it will only prolong it or make it worse.  So when you see a fancy product that claims to make you a better exerciser, pass on it….all you need is positive attitude and a good work ethic.

Which brings us to #2.

All of those things help you lift more weight…..but don’t make you stronger.  Why? They are artificially bracing your body and joints.  If you are in a competition I could see wearing them, but if you are just trying to get stronger for everyday life, leav e them in your gym bag.  Maybe you are a nurse and you need to move a patient around.  “Hold on patient….I need to go put on my wrist wraps, knees sleeves, only shoes and weight belt, drink some pre work out and wait 45 minutes for it to kick in, before I can move you.”  Or you are faced in an emergency situation….(I always get a funny look from people when I mention this scenario, like it’s a little far fetched.  Let me asked this though….with what you are reading and seeing in the news….do you think an emergency situation is far fetched these days?  I don’t.)…like having to save someone from a car accident or let’s say….a shooting…..I hope you are prepared to do it without any of the above mentioned gear…..or air conditioning.  🙂

So, next time you are surfing the internet or see a product someone is trying to sell you…..for their own profit…ask yourself why you joined CrossFit and ask yourself if you really need it.  Try to strengthen your body without all that stuff, because in life….there are no times on a whiteboard to compare.  It’s survival of the fittest.  Strong people, are harder to kill than weak people. 😉


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About the Author: Kris Caswell is a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.


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