Weight Loss Adelaide: Joe’s Story 17kg Down - The Sports Mechanic

This is Joe from the CrossFit Mode Family. Joe weighed in at 133kg and lost 17kg in 5 weeks. This is due to Joe’s decision and commitment to train consistently and eat well – by eating well he gave his body high quality nutrient dense foods which it requires to LIVE WHOLE.

That is, he cut out the bad stuff and ate real food. Made no excuse to have rice, oats 3 out of 9 days or protein bread. He exercises for an hour a day but the other 23 hours he is dedicated to weight loss. He drinks 4-5 liters of water with added salt. Boils his chicken eats veggies etc.

Joe you are amazing and we are so proud of your efforts – we cannot wait to see the end result.


Content originally posted in www.crossfitmode.com.au

About CrossFit Mode: CrossFit Mode, formed in January 2013, is a facility that caters for all fitness levels. People of all ages, genders and experience levels are encouraged to join in on their classes.


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