The Mental Side of Training - The Sports Mechanic
14 Sep

Mental Training – Coach Amanda Hill

Amanda Hill 0 Comments

So your diet’s on track. Your training is on point. You’re steadily making gains. Everything is rolling along nice and smooth. But for some reason you get to a certain point and things keep falling apart. Whether it be during competition or just every now and then during training it all becomes a mess. You […]

Man playing golf
14 Sep

Swing Changes

Jim Zwolak 12 Comments

This time of year in North America is our off-season for golf. It is a great time for golfers to build their skills and make “technical” changes to their motor patterns…more commonly called “swing changes”. Here’s an analogy that may help you make your own “swing changes” with a little more productivity: Pretend I invited […]

14 Sep

V7 – James Smith & Matthew Hall | Innocept | Football

Jeff Dailey 12 Comments

  Matthew Hall played college football for the United States Naval Academy from 2004 to 2006. Though he had dreams of playing in the NFL, Matt had a fatal flaw in his game: fumbles. His last touch in college resulted in a fumble, and he spent the rest of his career on the bench. Happily, […]

Playing soccer
14 Sep

Successfully Coaching Today’s Player

Gary Curneen 12 Comments

Ask any coach today what their toughest coaching challenge is and they will most likely not respond with questions about false nines or gegenpressing. Instead they will probably tell you that working with, engaging, and attempting to get the best out of today’s generation is the biggest challenge in the coaching game. Armed with more […]

What did I do RIGHT? - The Sports Mechanic
14 Sep

What did I do Right?

Chris Keough 12 Comments

When taking a lesson, I have NEVER had a student ask me, “what did I do right?” when they play a good shot. Most people are very quick to ask, “what did I do wrong on that one?” When you go to the grocery store, do you write down a list of all of the […]

Why do you play golf? You might be surprised - The Sports Mechanic
14 Sep

Why do you play golf? You might be surprised

Tim OConnor 12 Comments

As the golf season gets underway and you re-engage in your precarious affair with the game, I’m going to challenge you to do something you may have never done. But first… if someone—usually a non-golfer—asks what you like about golf, you might talk about getting exercise, being outside in a beautiful place, and spending time […]

An Assistant Coach's Perspective - Sports Mechanic
13 Sep

An Assistant Coach’s Perspective

Jerry Kreber 12 Comments

Look at almost any successful baseball program and you will see a good head coach. Look behind those good head coaches and you will usually see a stable of assistants who work tirelessly to make the program the best it can be. At the same time, though, these assistant coaches are also trying to learn […]

13 Sep

Take Breaks, Take Chances

Jay Rhodes 13 Comments

At Outlaw North what we do isn’t a quick fix.  Make no mistake, as a beginner you will get results quickly.  You’ll lose weight, you’ll gain strength, you’ll even start to notice your clothes fitting better within a couple months.  But we’re still looking for more than that. We’re looking for long term change.  A […]

13 Sep

3 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

LIV Athletic 0 Comments

Personalized Results #1 – Address Muscle Imbalances Because of the technological society we live in today, every human is susceptible to some sort of muscle imbalance. The rigors of daily activities and repetitive stress on the body make these imbalances easier to obtain and more difficult to reverse if not addressed. Whether it’s visual through […]

The 3 Biggest Reasons You Aren’t Getting Stronger - Sports Mechanic
13 Sep

The 3 Biggest Reasons You Aren’t Getting Stronger

MisFit Athletics 0 Comments

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the courageous men and women who spend hours day in and day out with a barbell and never reach their strength goals. *** Regardless of whether you’re the athlete we’re talking about, or you’re a coach searching for the answers to your clients’ problems, it’s time to […]