Crazy Obsession

My advice to those of you who don’t play golf for a living is simple: stop pursuing distance. “Any given person can basically only hit the ball so far,” The scorecard doesn’t have a box for how far you hit your tee shot.


To improve faster you need to perfect your fundamentals and work on your short game. It takes no athletic ability at all to set up right. “Grip, stance, ball position, posture never change. You have no excuse for poor fundamentals.” And, while plenty of things can go wrong with the swing, it’s not hard to fix them if we keep it simple. Trust me there is no one swing in golf and every golfer is different physically and mentally, therefore I find its essential you try and develop a swing that works for you.


If you’re interested in shooting better scores, don’t just focus on your driver and spend more of your practice time working on your short game as most of the shots on your scorecard come from under 100 yards.


Here are some basic truths and suggestions about the process of becoming a better golfer:

-Progress comes from perfect practice, not beating balls, so hit each practice shot paying full attention to what you’re doing.

-Practice to improve what you do poorly, while you perfect what you already do well.

-Learning takes time. The best players say it takes them six months to effect a small swing change. One lesson and a couple of hours on the range doesn’t work for them — or for you.

-Targets are essential during practice. Use one for every shot, but not the same one for two shots in a row. Go through your pre-shot routine and aim on every swing.


To really develop your game, use fewer clubs during on course practice. This helps to learn distance control, work the ball right and left, manage shot trajectory, and play the course, not the range.

If you’re still obsessed with how far you hit the golf ball, there is one sure way to get your ball further down the fairway: move up to the forward tees.

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