This time of year in North America is our off-season for golf. It is a great time for golfers to build their skills and make “technical” changes to their motor patterns…more commonly called “swing changes”.

Here’s an analogy that may help you make your own “swing changes” with a little more productivity:

Pretend I invited you over to my home, and asked you to help me rearrange the furniture in the living room. I’m going to let you decide what arrangement of the furniture looks good, but you can’t add any new pieces or take any away – it’s a simple readjustment.

The only catch is that you are going to be doing this in my living room with the drapes pulled shut and the lights off…in the pitch black! What would it be like as you entered the room for the first time, without any idea what the room looks like or where the furniture is?

Now back to golf…Making changes to your swing pattern without a good feel, awareness or measurement of where you are currently at is much like walking into my dark living room – you may have an idea of what a nice living room looks like generally, but without knowing what the layout is in my room, it will be very tough to make effective changes.

Perhaps both in the room and in your swing change, it would be effective to move around slowly, paying attention the feel of your swing or to “feel” where the furniture is in the room. Once you get a handle on where you are at, you can then progress slowly but surely to effect some nice changes.

Get to know where you are at, pay attention to details that can help make effective change, and you will be on your way to healthy golf learning!!

Enjoy and good golf!


Content originally posted by Jim Zwolak Golf Coaching in

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