CrossFit has revolutionized the fitness industry. Never before has a fitness program been designed to develop all aspects of fitness as good as CrossFit. This workout phenomenon has grown exponentially due to its ability to transform people’s health & fitness, as well as providing a sense of community between people working out together. Because of its’ popularity, new people try CrossFit everyday. The following five tips are a great start for someone new to the world of extreme fitness.

1.) Focus on technique

While it might mean not lifting as much weight as the guy next to you, learning how to properly perform all the movements will lead to the greatest gains long-term as well as keep you safer.

2.) Let coaches know when you need help

Whether you don’t understand a movement or need a modification to accommodate for an old injury, it is important that you let your coaches know. That way they can help instruct you or alter the movement or loading for you. This is your responsibility to yourself and your coaches.

3.) Don’t neglect the warm up

The warm up prepares your body for the workout. Numerous research studies have proven warm ups are necessary for decreasing injury risk. In addition, they often include aspects that will prepare you for the specific movements in the workout.

4.) Focus on competing with yourself, not others

The competition aspect of CrossFit is one of its’ biggest positives. However, initial focus must be on working at a solid pace, with good technique, and developing a good baseline fitness. Focus on pushing yourself to be better daily and results will come.

5.) Have fun becoming a more health, fit, and happy you!

Content originally posted by Steve Adams in CrossfitKaiju

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